Cloud9 - JavaScript MUD Client

About Cloud9

Cloud9 is software which allows developers to build a fully working MUD client utilizing the JavaScript scripting language, HTML, and CSS. By utilizing these technologies, it is possible to build very flexible, good looking, and accessible MUD clients. Cloud9 supports basic telnet, a handful of ANSI control codes (such as color), and ZMP.

The Cloud9 project was written in the course of several weeks by Sean Middleditch of AwesomePlay Productions, Inc. Sean is the lead developer of AweMUD.


In order for the client to operate, the user's browser must support JavaScript and Java™ applets. Java™ 1.4.2 or higher must be used. The built-in JVM on Windows does not support this version of Java™, nor does the JVM supplies with Mac OS X 10.3 or prior. (Mac OS X 10.4 supports 1.4.2.) For machines without a Java™ 1.4.2 compliant JVM, support may be available for your platform from the official Java™ website.


To use Cloud9, unpack the cloud9-0.01.tar.gz tarball and copy the telnet.html and TelnetApplet.jar file to your MUD's web server. Edit the telnet.html file and change the configuration paramaters for the host and port for your MUD.

The Java™ applet security model limits the applet so that it can only connect to the same host as the web server the browser accessed the aplet from. Therefor, if your MUD is at, the web server hosting the applet must also be located at, or the applet will not be able to connect to the server.

For development of the Java™ applet portion of the client, the supplied Makefile can be used to build the client. You must edit the MAkefile to point to the version of javac and jar installed on your system.

The file named README has information on development using Cloud9.

Latest version

The latest release is Cloud9 0.01. This is a pre-release not intended for serious development!


Use the Cloud9 Client group at Google Groups to discuss the development and usage of Cloud9.